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Pennsylvania Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council
worked with the New England/ New York and Mid Atlantic Groups for the Fire Safe Construction Cost Comparison Study. Jan Boyer, Executive Director, has served as the point person for the study since its inception and remains in this position to date. The study was developed to study three cities in 2005 and as of now 35 cities have completed Cost Studies. She has coordinated all of these studies which have impacted markets throughout the USA. The outcome of the study has been extremely favorable for the concrete based products industries. It has confirmed that building with non-combustible concrete based products is very price competitive and is the right choice when considering fire safety.

In 2006, a Single Wythe addendum was completed
In 2006, a Single Wythe addendum was completed to the original Fire Safe Construction Cost Comparison Study. This option studies two additional wall construction types - Split Face Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) and a SandBlasted Architectural Precast Panel. There are now over 20 cities that have a Single Wythe option completed.

The Pennsylvania Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council continues to be the contact for the Cost Study and Single Wythe option. For more information contact our office at 717-279-6346 or info@pafscac.org

The Fire Safe Construction Video that was written and produced by the PA Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council is a popular item for promotional efforts regarding balanced design and concrete based construction for multi-residential structures. This video is being played throughout PA and across the country with over 400 copies in circulation.

Walter Schneider, PE PhD
Walter Schneider, developer of the report, has presented about the Cost Study at the following locations coordinated by the Executive Director, Jan Boyer.

January 2006 ~ Mid Atlantic for FSCAC

February 2, 2006 ~ Harrisburg for PAFSCAC

April 4, 2006 ~ Saratoga Springs for NYFSCAC

June 8, 2006 ~ Philadelphia for NECSA Board Meeting

June 15, 2006 ~ Presentation for NEFSCAC

June 22 23, 2006 ~ Indiana Concrete Masonry Association

September 21, 2006 ~ AIA of Central PA Meeting for PAFSCAC

October 5, 2006 ~ PAFSCAC Training Seminar King of Prussia

October 18, 2006 ~ Two presentations for NY State Concrete Masonry Association NY/NE FSCAC

October 26, 2006 ~ Ohio Concrete Masonry Association

January 16, 2007 ~ AIA presentation in Eastern New York

February 22, 2007 ~ Orlando for the NCMA Convention

March 1314, 2007 ~ Two locations in Minneapolis area for MCMA

March 15, 2007 ~ Akron Brick & Block in Cleveland

April 3, 2007 ~ Presentation in State College for CSI AIA Students, ASCE for PAFSCAC

July 14, 2007 ~ Myrtle Beach for Carolinas Concrete Masonry Association

To view a map of all the Cost studies cities, Click Here